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So, you have G2F a but still haven't used G3F for any number of reasons?
Well I'm writing a tutorial that will allow you to make Studio's Autofit convert clothing from G3F to G2F.

Sure you could spend the money and buy the finished product from the Utah based 3D store, but with this tutorial you will save yourself the money and will have accomplished this change yourself, and in the absence of a manual, you will most likely learn some things about Studio you may have done so with a manual, had one been published or provided.

For me, the reason I did this; since the day Genesis was released, portions of Studio that are immensely appreciated and utilized in this hobby and in the industry haven't been updated; Powerpose for one. I and a few others have done that, we don't get paid for it, we do it for free.

I would have moved on to G3F, but Powerpose and G3F don't work together.  So I stay with the collection that has the established poses, clothing, hair and utilities, maybe one day I may get around to updating Powerpose, that is if the Utah based 3D company doesn't do it first, it is their product after all. Hell I may even be an advocate for them if they updated it.

So for now, I'm continuing down that path of doing things for free.

I'll try to have it posted as quickly as possible (The Utah based 3D company uses the term SOON  and it turns out to be weeks if not months later, I'm talking days.)

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3D images for fun
United States
So here's a bit about myself. I've lived in two different countries (Canada and USA), Moved fifteen times in my life (not a military brat), lived in five different provinces and four different US States. Been to 27 different countries (being in the airport doesn't count). Served and retired after 20 years Naval service; ending my time as a member of the US Navy Judge Advocate General Corp (JAG).

I have two pet peeves. 1) Know it all's. (we all hate them, why go in to it). 2) Solicitors - Don't solicit me to visit, do, click, offer, or 'like' something. If it has to do with 3D art, I'll check it out. Anything else, please find a picket fence and FALL ON IT!

As you will see I'm a lover of the female form. In all aspects.

I don't do rape, pain, mutilation, or humiliation of women images. Please don't ask. To tell the truth I'm disgusted be those things.

Love, passion, romance, caring, and respect are the things I like most. Call me a woman at heart and I'll agree.

As for my images, I push myself to do better than the last group of images. I started this hobby full time July of '08 and have come this far. Where will I be in four years? Hopefully putting out image the level and quality of Avatar.

If you have any other questions about me, please ask.




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